Implementation of the most suitable fencing for your farm and livestock is of utmost importance if you want your farm to operate at it’s optimum level. A good fence provides a physical barrier to control the movement of animals in and around your farm. With this type of structure, you can keep livestock within the confines of a field or paddock as well as keep wild animals from entering your farm damaging crops or bothering livestock.

Attractive Fencing in the Countryside

Farm Fencing

The Importance of Correct Fencing for Your Farm

The best fencing for your farm can be costly, particularly when it is built to cover a large area; but it will be a worthwhile investment because of its many benefits. Here are the top benefits of fencing on farms.

Protection for your crops, livestock and land.

The correct fencing for your farm provides a safe and secure place to contain your livestock. Within such an area, your animals can graze freely, and you don’t have to worry about them escaping. Quality fencing for your farm will also protect your livestock from predators and keep deer and other small animals and pests out of your garden. Additionally, the fence will protect crop fields from hungry farm animals and help you maintain peace with your neighbours.


Helps with stock management

Fencing provides an effective containment system to keep livestock within a specific area where they can be easily monitored. This containment structure also provides privacy and security from both animal and human intruders. It confines livestock and protects your animals from predators and prevents the livestock from straying from your farm to another and helps you manage stock breeding. With proper fences, you can move stock easy with minimal labour, and create yards and corrals for handling livestock.

Horses grazing securely behind a strong timber fence

Timber Horse Fencing

Easier to manage the land and pasture

You can use fences on your farm or rural property to define boundaries and separate different production zones from one another. Similarly, you can use fencing to create smaller paddocks to facilitate intensive stocking or build up a feed supply. Well-planned farm fencing allows your livestock to graze a wider range of pastures and allows foliage to recover after a period continuous grazing. This, in turn, enables you to utilize pastures better and prevent them from being destroyed due to overgrazing.

Provides aesthetic enhancement

Proper fencing ensures that your farm is aesthetically pleasing and functional. It provides an visually attractive addition to any farm or crop field, especially when complemented with gate/s in matching materials. The fence gives definition to the space, but still allows unobstructed views.

Increases property and resale value

Prospective buyers will consider well kept sturdy fences to be a valuable benefit, when considering the purchase of a farm or agricultural land. This selling point alone will reduce the immediate maintenance costs and improve ease of operation, particularly where livestock are involved. Quality fencing also serves as a useful roadside advertisement of the farmer’s overall attention to detail, safety and upkeep, thereby boosting its value.

Helps you meet your legal requirements

As a landowner, you’re required to contain and control farm animals and keep them away from private property nearby. In some instances, you may be required to install your agricultural fencing to protect your land from wandering wildlife. The best fencing for your farm will enable you to meet your boundary fencing requirements and prevent your stock from wandering.